Sunday, December 03, 2006

Like I had mention in my previous blogs, I think Second Life is amazing and full of multiple capabilites. Its also fun and exciting to see what other people do in the Second Life world. Like the time that david was wearing a big chair as a hat, then he sat on it while the guess speaker spoke, that was pretty funning, I just kept cracking up. Then, I noticed that most of the class's avatars didn't resemble my classmates at all. I think this a great way to see what kinds of things we can do with the amazing internet. It is definately a great tool of communication. I would definately would like to do it for another class, as a matter of fact, I think I might keep my profile and keep living in the Second Life World.

To be honest, I think Second Life is great. I think second life has many advantages and abilities and it is definately a great way to interact with people you know and don't know. Many people think that this is just another virtual game, but for other people this is literally a second life where they can do things that there not able to do in their real lives. Soldiers use SL as a way of communicating with their families who they haven't seen for a long time. Some people use SL for keeping long distance relationships. Others use SL to live a totally different life than the one they're currently living. There are many more reasons why people use Second Life, the capabilites are endless. After being an SL member, I was able to experince the things you do in there, and to tell you the truth I was shocked to see the many things you can virtually do; and that's because I barely joined. I find myself sign in atleast once everyday ever since I became a member. Second life is not only fun but it is definately a grest tool of the internet that serves for communication.

Its funny and the same time shocking and amazing to see how big and wide the digital devide is between us and our paernts. The other day, my father was traveling to Houston to visit my uncle since he had been ill for quite a bit of time. He wanted to leave on a Friday afternoon after work, that way he could spend the entire weekend with his brother. I had asked him if he wanted me to help him out with purchasing the ticket, but like always my dad wanted to do things on his own. Well, my dad had to go through the trouble of calling several airlines to get the best price on a ticket. Then, he had a hard time communcating with the airline people, when he was asking for departures and arrivals. Finally, he got the ticket and then rushed over to the airport, after wasting time trying to get cash from the ATM, to pay for his ticket and to have money once he got over there, to find out that his flight had been been cancelled. Steam was coming out of my dad's ears, he was about to explode. After all that, my dad asked me if I could help him out, so I went online showed him the airline ticket prices, departures and arrivals, and then purchased the ticket online. All we had to do is make sure we got there on time. He thanked me but didn't say anything else, I knew he was shocked to see how easy I was able to get him on his way to see his brother.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

On Friday of last week, I went to the SSB to meet with Danielle who is the coordinator for the Longhorn Link Program. The Longhorn Link Program is a program here on campus that focuses mainly on helping students to graduate and become more successful while in and out of college. After I met with her I was asked if I could fill out a survey about the program. The survey asked students if they would be more interested, as well as involved in the program, if the Longhorn Link Program would get either a my space or facebook profile. Then I began to think of how popular these websites such as my space/facebook have become and how they are great tools for people use the internet to socially interact. Its interesting how even programs at UT, such as the LLP, have began to acknowledge that these websites have a great influences on the student body. After thinking about it for a while I thought that these websites are for students to kind of get away from all the school related internet websites, such as blackboard and UT direct. I don't know, I think that is why these websites are so popular, its because it gives students an opportunity to get away from school. Its a way of balancing academics and their social life so I decide that the program should not interfere with my space or facebook.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The other day, we were talking about how much we depend on technology, and how we tend to overlook that most of our everyday things consist of the use of it, but what happens when the technology that you so much depend on suddenly fails. Take online banking for example, the day before yesterday I realized that I wasn't able to use my credit card. At first, I didn't really pay that much attention to it since the first time I found out about the problem was when I wanted to take out $10.00 to pay for my hair cut. I just told my boy if he could spot me, he then thought about it for a long time, and then he said no. So, then I just basically beated the money out of him. Later on during the day, I needed to use my credit card for various other reasons and it still wasn't working. I needed to put gas in my truck, and I couldn't do it. I need to pay my cell phone and utility bill and I couldn't do it. I was hungry, and nothing; wanted to pay my friend back, and nada. So I was stuck, then I wondered what if I needed my credit card for a much greater cause; a cause that depend on life or death, like being held hostage by a robber dude and then he asks you to take money from the freaken atm. What are you going to tell the robber dude; "um robber dude credit card is not working. Rest in peace Jerry Garcia.

Monday, October 30, 2006

This past weekend I decide to go back home and just take a break from all these frustrating days of midterms. I wanted to leave as soon as possible so that I could catch a Friday night football game at my formal high school. So, I left on Friday like around 2:00 PM, after I finished with my chemistry test. Kickoff would started at 7:30 PM, and if I wanted to make it on time, I knew that I had to hit the road as soon as possible; not to mention beat that infamous Austin traffic's arrived at my apartment like around 2:30 PM and the things were not looking really good. Well, I was like in San Antonio when I decided to call to tell my parents I would arrive home in a couple of hours, so I reached in to my pocket to give them a call. Suddenly, I felt like driving off the road when I realized that I had left my freaken phone on top of table. I said to myself, how bad can it be, its only one weekend, right. Well, I finally understood when people say that its like being naked when you don't have your cell phone. It was terrible, I couldn't call my parents since I was short on time. Once I was down there, I couldn't contact any of my friends. Not to mention all the other things I use my phone for, like my alarm, scheduler, watch. It felt like a part of me was missing. To make things worst, I knew my phone had probably blown up by now since from all those missed calls. After forgetting my phone I realized how attached we become to digital devices and how much we depend on them. I wonder what would happen if something would go wrong with everyone's' cell phone; man, everyone would feel naked...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The other day, my family and I were walking through the central park in San Antonio, TX, when suddenly a huge crowd of people whom at first seemed to be enjoying a nice day at the park, suddenly began to hold each others hands forming a huge circle. At first I was confused and then it fit me, it a flash mob. I finally got to see one in person.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another great aspect of the amazing internet is online shopping. Online shopping is fast, convenient, and at sometimes cheaper. With only a push of a button you can buy whatever you want and have it delivered right to your home. Over the past couple of years I have come to really trust internet shopping. Some people have told me that they haven't had good experiences when they shop on online, but I haven't had any problems. The internet gives you the opportunity to buy the things that you could no longer find in stores. The latest item that I've bought using the internet has been a pair of Jordan retro XIV shoes. I couldn't find them in any stores, so I simply looked in the internet.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The first post that I posted on my blog glorified the great technological innovation of the cell phone. Because of cell phones, communication has gotten a whole lot easier, but how easy has it gotten that now we tend to be careless about the other things we do. Only couple of days ago, one of my coworkers was headed home from a long and hard day of work. She was really tired and exhausted and just want to arrive home safely. As she stood at a traffic light awaiting upon the divine color of green, she was suddenly struck by a car driving at top speed. the diver was a careless women whom seem to have been talking on her cell phone at the time she came up to that same traffic light. In act of panic, the lady in her damaged car sped until she was never to be seen. Shocked by the situation my coworker stood still until the arrival of city police. Because my coworker was not able to capture any information that could have been vital for her insurance, she was now stuck with a wrecked car without compensation and all because of the the technological invention of the cell phone.